Low Trading ComissionsFrom just 0.05% on equity trades

Trading in most modern investment products involves some sort of commission or management fee — this could be stockbroker fees or fund management charges. High charges will have a greater impact on your profit potential.

At Spread Co we charge commission when you trade equities. Our commissions are low, starting at just 0.05% for UK equities, and are included in our spreads.


No minimum commission charges

Some companies have a minimum commission charge. This means that when you open a low value position, you may pay a disproportionate amount in charges.

At Spread Co we don’t have a minimum commission charge. We do have minimum trade sizes, but our commission levels never change. This helps us to offer tight, fixed spreads on every trade.

Commission included in our spreads

When you trade equities with Spread Co, the commission is included in the spread. We take the market price for the equity and deduct our commission from the bid price, and add it to the offer price. This has the effect of widening the market spread. Here’s an example:

Sell: 180.00 — Buy: 180.10
So the market spread is 0.10 (180.10 — 180)

Our commission would be 0.05%. This is deducted from the bid:
180.00 — (180.00 x 0.05%) = 179.91

And added to the offer:
180.10 + (180.10 x 0.05%) = 180.19

So the trading bid-offer price would be:
179.91 — 180.19

Our spread, including commission, is 0.28 (180.19 — 179.91)

Country/MarketSpread (inc Commision)
Europe0.05% per trade
US0.075% Minimum 2 cents, Maximum 4 cents per trade
UK1000.05% per trade