Spread Betting and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 69.3% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading Spread Betting and CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how Spread Betting and CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money

Spread betting mini markets

Mini markets

Smaller stake size spread betting
Ten pence

Low Stakes

Minimum Stake from 10p Per Point

Index Mini Markets

US30, UK100 & GER 30

FX Mini Markets


Commodity Mini's


What are mini markets?

Mini Markets are popular financial trading markets, which are now all offered with a minimum stake size of 10p. These markets are some of the most liquid and active in the world and are also most popular with those new to Spread betting. With Stake sizes being from 10p per point it allows beginners to get started and learn to implement their trading strategies.

New ESMA regulations have increased the minimum margin rates up by over 5 times on some markets, making it a lot less affordable for many clients to continue trading. Spread Co Mini Markets enables clients to trade low stakes with smaller deposits.

For example, the margin on a Stake of 1 on the UK100 @ 7150 with a 5% margin rate would equate to £357.50. For every point movement, the profit/loss would be £1.00

So a buy stake of 1 on the UK100 @ 7150 and sell @ 7160, the profit would be £10.00

The Same trade on a Mini UK100 would have a margin of £35.75, however, for every one point movement, the profit/loss would be £0.10.

So a buy stake of 1 on the Mini UK100 @ 7150 and sell @ 7160, the profit would be £1.00

A stake of one on the mini markets is equivalent to 10p rather than the usual £1. The markets themselves will be priced on a different point movement to the original market. For example, the UK100 is normally priced on a 1 point movement, whereas the Mini UK100 will be priced on a 10 point movement.

Trading platforms

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MARKETStakeSpread – In HoursSpread – Out of hoursMargin (Retail Clients) PriceApprox MarginMini Market Pip SizeMemo : Standard Market Pip Size
MINI UK1001125%715035.75101
MINI GERMANY 3011.22.25%1185059.25101
MINI US3011.23.25%25750128.75101
MINI SPOT GOLD1345%1225.561.2810.1
MINI GBPUSD11.21.23.33%1.3150243.790.0010.0001
MINI EURUSD1313.33%1.1538538.420.0010.0001

Mini markets examples and comparison

Want to understand the differences between mini markets and our classic markets?

Is spread betting for me?

How do you spread bet?

When you open a spread betting position on a market, you are given a ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ price either side of the underlying market price – this is known as the spread. If you think the market will rise, you open your spread bet at the ‘buy’ price. If you think it will fall, you open at the ‘sell’ price.

What are stake sizes and what does it mean for you

Trade the most popular financial markets from 10p per point

What is a Stake Size?

The Stake represents the amount of money you are willing to Stake on the movement on a single trade. The change in the price of the underlying referenced market will determine how much profit or loss is made depending on whether the market price has moved in your favour or not.

If the stake placed for example was £1 per Point, for every 1 point movement of the underlying market your account valuation would either increase or decrease by £1 (depending on whether the market is moving in your favour or not).

Having small stake sizes for spread betting allows traders to build there trading confidence by starting with lower stake sizes. This assists clients to better manage their trading risk and formulate strategies.

Low cost spread betting with SpreadCo

Like all forms of investing you have to pay charges, that’s why it makes sense to trade with a company that offers competitive spread betting charges. There are four key charges you need to be aware of

Advantages of trading the mini markets

Mini Markets

6 Top Markets

Mini Markets Low Stakes start at 10p per Point

Stakes start at 10p per Point

Manage your risk

With Spread Co’s stop loss & limit order features, With Contingent OCO’s on resting orders

No Stamp Duty or Capital Gains Tax1

No Stamp Duty1 or Capital Gains Tax1

No commission to pay

Trading costs are included in our spreads & they’re among the lowest you’ll find

No commission to pay

Trading costs are included in our spreads & they’re among the lowest you’ll find

Easy To Open An Account

Reliable Platform

With our platforms you can trade wherever you are – at home, in the office, or when you’re out and about.

0% financing on short index positions

Some companies will charge you to hold a short index position. At Spread Co we won’t.

Powerful Charting

Spread Co charts are powered by TradingView Inc.

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