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Why Trade Forex with Spread Co?

Trading on Popular Forex Pairs with FIXED Tight spreads
38 FX currency pairs available.  EURUSD from 0.8


Tight, Fixed Spreads

as low as 0.8* points

Low Cost

stake from £1 per point
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Trade Over 38 Currencies

with low margins

Reliable Platforms

for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
24 hrs access

24 hrs Access

with spread betting and CFDs
Quality Support

Quality Support

at no extra cost

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To trade forex successfully you need to act fast and anticipate changes in Exchange rates. Spread Co gives you the tools to do just that.

Foreign exchange trading (forex or fx trading) is the largest and most actively-traded financial market in the world, worth an estimated $4 trillion in daily turnover. Forex trading isn’t about buying or selling currencies, it’s about betting on a change in the exchange rate between two currencies – whether it will rise or fall.

When you trade forex you’re making a bet that one currency will rise or fall against another. When you ‘buy’ GBP/USD you’ll gain if sterling strengthens against the US dollar. So if the pound was worth $1.50 and this rises to $1.52 when you sell, you’ll make a profit. If it falls to $1.48 you’ll make a loss.

Brief on Forex Trading with Spread co

Features of forex trading

The size of the forex market and its liquidity is an advantage for regular traders. Getting in or out of a deal is straightforward, partly because of the 24 hour trading day, and also because there are plenty of active participants in the currency markets during these trading times.

Tight, fixed spreads – starting at just 0.8 points
Trade over 38 currency pairs – including GBP/USD and EUR/USD
Low margins – starting at just 3.33% gives you up to 30:1 and 200:1 for professional accounts
Low cost trading – you can stake from £1 per point
Choice of ways to trade – spread bet or CFDs

Advantages of forex trading

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Diversify your portfolio

Spread Co gives you access to these alternative markets, with competitive margins – from £80 on Spot Gold – when spread betting.

Trading in commodities – including precious metals such as gold and silver, and US Crude Oil futures – can be a good way to diversify your portfolio. With commodity prices less influenced by stock markets, they offer an alternative to equity and index trading.


When you need help or support just call your dedicated relationship manager.

You’ll be dealing with a company with more than a decade of forex experience. With our online platform, mobile and tablet apps you’ll be able to access thousands of investment markets.

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