2% Interest on Cash Balances

Earn 2% a year on the cash balance in your Spread Co account.

To qualify, you’ll need an active spread betting account – you need to place at least 10 trades per calendar month. 



Interest could you earn

At Spread Co, we think the money in your spread betting account should always be working on your behalf. That’s why we’re paying 2% per annum on any balance in your account, from £10,000 up to £50,000, that’s not being used as margin * terms and conditions apply.

  • No withdrawal limits
  • Interest paid monthly
  • No additional fees


How much interest could you earn?

   ‘Uncommitted’ cash balance in your account Monthly interest Yearly interest
£10,000 £16.67 £200
£25,000 £41.67 £500
£50,000 £83.33 £1,000


Your money is safe

We’re based in the UK, and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK’s financial industry regulator. All your money is held in a segregated client bank account, in line with strict FCA rules about client money. We never use client funds for hedging or other purposes; your funds stay in the segregated account.


Why tight spreads are important

You can only make a profit with spread betting or CFD trading when the change in the underlying price is more than the amount of the spread.

For example, a two point spread means the asset price has to move at least two points before you start making a profit on the trade. If it moves by less than two points when you close your position, you’ll make a loss.

Tight, or narrow, spreads offer you the best opportunity to profit from small movements in prices and values.


What is spread betting?

Spread betting is a type of alternative investing that lets you speculate on the price or value of financial assets, such as shares, currencies, indices and commodities, without actually owning them.

More about spread betting

Spread betting advantages

With spread betting you can make a profit when financial markets are rising or falling. Plus, your initial outlay is only a fraction of the value of the trade.

Spread betting advantages

Is spread betting for me?

If you understand the risks of trading in financial markets, spread betting might be for you. It’s different from investing in shares because your potential loss can be more than your deposit, but Spread Co risk management features can help you manage the risks.

Is spread betting for me?

Spread betting vs Shares

When you invest in shares it’s usually for the longer term, and you only make a profit if the share price rises. With spread betting you can speculate on the price rising or falling, and profit if you make the right call.

Spread betting vs Shares

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Our trading platforms

Trade at home or at work with our powerful online trading platform, or on the go with our mobile and iPad apps. Wherever you are, our platforms put you in charge.

Trading platforms


Try trading with no risk

A demo account lets you experience spread betting first hand, without any cost or commitment. You can open a demo account in just a few minutes.

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Spread betting and CFD trading are leveraged products and can result in losses that exceed your deposits. Ensure you understand the risks.

Losses can exceed deposits. Click here to learn more.