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Experienced CFD traders have been trading with us for 10 years.

Tap into our expertise in financial markets, and experience our great customer service.


Competitive spreads and margins

With margins from 0.5% and no minimum trade charges, Spread Co offers something for every trader. And our spreads are fixed*, so they never change, even in volatile markets.

Low financing charges

There’s absolutely no charge for short index and equity positions that you hold overnight. When you take a long position our charges are only LIBOR + 2% for indices and equities.

Easy to trade with our great platforms

Whether you prefer mobile, tablet or desktop it’s easy to trade CFDs with Spread Co. Whatever you choose, you’ll find it easy to use, and full of useful features.
Dedicated support

Great support

As a Spread Co client you’ll have access to a dedicated relationship manager by phone and by email. You can also use our live chat feature from your desktop, mobile or tablet app.

Risk management

With our free risk management features you don’t need to keep an eye on your open positions. Use stop loss and limit orders to set triggers for closing your trades.

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It’s easy to trade with Spread Co and there’s lots of support to help manage your account. We’ve made all our platforms intuitive and easy to use, so you can trade quickly when you need to.