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Why trade CFDs with Spread Co?

Smarter investors have been using Spread Co for over a decade, join them and enjoy:


What is CFD trading?

With CFD trading you speculate on whether the price of a share, or the value of an index, currency or other financial assets will go up or down. This means that you can still make a profit when prices and values are falling.

What makes CFD trading really attractive is that you don’t have the same major financial outlay that you would have if you actually bought the financial asset you’re speculating on. The price you pay depends on the margin, which is generally a fraction of the value of the asset.

At Spread Co we like to offer competitive margins for CFDs, starting at just 0.5 per cent for forex and indices, and 5% for major equities. Coupled with 0% financing on short equity and index positions, it makes Spread Co hard to beat.

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What is CFD trading?What is CFD trading?

Advantages of CFDs

When you buy assets directly you only make a profit if the price rises. If it falls, you make a loss. That’s not the case with CFDs. With CFDs you make a profit by correctly predicting which way the price will move - up or down. 

When you get it right, you gain. That’s what makes CFDs a smarter way to invest, even when markets are volatile. A key advantage of CFDs is the low entry cost - you don’t pay the full price of the asset you’re speculating on.

If you want to buy shares valued at £2,000 that’s exactly how much you’ll pay. For a CFD trade with a 5% margin the cost is only £100. However, your potential gain (or loss) will still be based on an investment of £2,000.

  • No stamp duty* or broker fees - as you don’t actually buy the shares, and our fee is included in our spreads - some of the lowest you’ll find
  • Easy ways to manage your risk - our stop loss and limit order features let you set a maximum risk level
  • No major outlay - because you don’t pay the full price of the asset
  • Suitable for rising and falling markets - you can still make money with CFDs when markets fall
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CFDs vs Shares

When you trade CFDs you can make gains similar to those you might make when investing directly in shares. But that’s where the similarity ends.

Here’s a summary of the key differences:

   Key differences CFDs Shares   
Ownership You don't own the shares You own the shares
Cost You only have to stake a proportion of the position value to place a CFD trade You need to pay the full value to buy any shares
Market risk You can gain if the market rises or falls You can only gain if the share price rises
Commission No additional commission (fees included within the spread) May be broker commission to pay
Stamp duty* No Yes

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Remember, when you choose to trade with Spread Co…

You’ll be dealing with a company with over a decade of CFD experience.

With our online service and mobile and tablet apps you’ll be able to access thousands of investment markets.

When you need help or support, just call your dedicated relationship manager.


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Choose your CFD account

A Spread Co CFD trading account is easy to open and easy to manage - and there’s no joining or inactivity fees. We offer two types of CFD trading account, simply choose the account that best suits your trading style:

  • Consolidated - nets positions off against each other so you can partially close a position by making an opposing trade
  • Single position - lets you simultaneously be long and short in the same market at the same time and does not net off open positions unless you choose to do so

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  • Consolidated
  • Single

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