Spread Co are about to unveil their first ever Ultimate Uni Trader Competition. We challenged economic and financial students from University's around Britain to show us why they’re the ultimate trader. Armed with a Spread Co Demo account and £25,000 in virtual funds, the competitors have one week to trade their way to the top; the trader with the highest balance by the end of the week, wins.
The prize is a three-month internship at Spread Co where one lucky trader will get the chance to get involved with every aspect of trading. From the dealing desk to the compliance team, our intern will be getting hands on experience in the day-to-day running of one of the country's leading spread betting and CFD trading providers.
Our search for the final competitors was the product of thousands of applications from some of the UK’s finest educational institutions including Loughborough and University College London. Now that our ten finalists have been selected we asked our Head of Sales and Marketing and experienced trader, Shameer Sachdev, to give us some idea of what our contestants can come to expect from the trading experience:
What should participants expect when trading?
The world of trading can be unpredictable and very volatile; financial results and government data can cause markets to shift rapidly. Additionally, wider world events, such as natural disasters and geopolitical conflicts, can also cause movement in the markets. A pre-existing knowledge of global financial markets will be of great help to our competitors.
What does it take to win?
A good trader must be reactive and have an eye for the events that will shape financial markets (and which specific markets they will affect). Risk is also a factor: our competitors will quickly discover that high risk trades can lead to higher rewards. However, they can also mean higher losses so our traders will have to choose their battles carefully.
What can the winner expect from their placement?
We aim to provide a varied and complete experience for the victor. To not only see the intricacies and pressures our dealers are put under, when executing and hedging trades, but to also understand the regulations we as a financial service provider have to adhere to. The Spread Co offices are fast-paced but can be very rewarding to those eager to learn.
As part of the competition we have asked our traders to log their experience throughout the week, so we can follow the progress of these young traders as they experience the ups and downs that the financial markets can potentially bring. The competition officially starts on Monday 10th November and will see our entrant's trade through until 5pm on Friday 14th, at which point we will freeze their accounts and see who has become the Spread Co Ultimate Uni Trader 2014. We had some fantastic applications from all over the country and would like to thank everyone who entered for their enthusiasm. The ten applicants below showed a true passion and understanding of financial markets and will now compete to be named the winner and be awarded the prestigious 3 month placement at our office.
Below you can see a short profile of our final 10:
Jake Ostrovskis-Wilkes
Northumbria University
Why I entered: I entered because after having quite a bit of success over the last year teaching myself how to trade in the markets, I now believe I am ready to take the first steps in my career to become a professional trader, and I believe that an internship at Spread Co would be the ideal platform of which to start.
My career Ambitions: I would say my most driving career aspiration is to find a position that both motivates and excites me, while allowing me to build upon the skills I have already gained. I know that being a trader would be ideal for me, as it would give me the opportunity to thrive in a fast paced, meritocratic, and exciting environment.
Will Dellow
Loughborough University
Why I entered: To gain an insight into a professional trading firm, develop knowledge and test out trading in a more realistic environment.
My career Ambitions: Hopefully to get into a bulge bracket investment bank. Alternatively, I also like the idea of becoming a trader at a hedge fund, and I'm also interested in private equity roles. Something along any of those lines would be the dream.
Babatunde Onabajo
Cardiff University
Why I entered: My earliest memory of engaging in financial markets was when I was around 13 or so and had created an account on the stock simulator provided by Investopedia.com. Little did I know then that 8 years later I would once again have the ability to engage in the financial markets.
My career ambitions: I have entertained the thought of working in academia, politics or finance. What I am certainly confident in is that I would hope that whatever I do choose in the end goes to improve the wellbeing of humanity in some way.
Uzo Ugochukwu
Queen Mary, University of London
Why I entered: I'm really keen to get some work experience 'under my belt' and this competition gives me a chance to do so! An internship at Spread Co seems like a good opportunity to broaden my horizons because spread betting is an aspect of the financial industry that I wasn't aware of until recently.
My Career ambitions: I want to help create a culture that reduces the risk of another financial meltdown and I would like to create models which estimate the impact of politics on the financial markets. All whilst making money, obviously.
Ervin Gan
University of Glasgow
Why I entered: As a participant in the Adam Smith business school trading competition organized by the University of Glasgow, I have discovered that trading is a really interesting field so I would like to learn as much as possible in this field.
My career ambitions: I have many ideas for my career but my main goal would be to integrate a management consultancy firm like McKinsey & Company or work in financial advisory for a company to acquire some financial experience first and then move to financial analysis in investment banking or work in operations in a bank.
Yue Yang
Edinburgh University
Why I entered: Trading real-world markets with virtual currency is exactly what I want to try and this experience will give me not only the basic idea but also full details of what the real trading is, which, for sure, will help me make decisions of the future career.
My career ambitions: I am interested in banking especially investment banking right now, so I am planning working in an investment bank or company. In ten years after my graduation, getting ACCA and being a manager are my targets.
Mateusz Suprewicz
University of Surrey
Why I entered: My passion for this position was fuelled by my curiosity in the formidable trading industry.
My career ambitions: I aim to gain a position in a financial institution as an investment analyst. This experience would help me achieve my future ambitions.
Paula Guerra Gill
University of Nottingham
Why I entered: After an completing an internship in Trading and Financial Market Analysis this summer I developed proficient knowledge and skills within the financial markets, as well as learning to use professional software to analyse and trade in real-time financial market conditions.
My career ambitions: My dream is to work in an investment bank in the field of Sales & Trading. I would like to start in London, as I believe this city is the financial hub nowadays.
Daniel Rossell
University College London
Why I entered: I decided to enter Spread Co's Ultimate Uni Trader competition to help guide me in my future career path, as it will help me assess whether trading is right for me and also whether I am right for trading.
My career ambitions: My ambitions involve work within the financial industry, although I am still unsure which specific role within that framework I would like to pursue. Trading as a career appeals to me, as does work in capital markets.
Alexander Magee
Loughborough University
Why I entered: I’ve always had a passion for capital markets, and I want to further my knowledge in this area. I am currently learning how to trade and I wish to pursue this further.
My career ambitions: To succeed in everything that I do to my full potential.
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