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Some companies will charge you to hold a short index position. At Spread Co we won’t.
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When you go short with a spread bet or CFD on an index position overnight, you won’t pay a penny more with Spread Co.
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What are financing charges?


When you open a spread bet or CFD trade you’re effectively borrowing all the funds to make the trade or bet. When you hold a position overnight, you have to pay a financing fee. This appears as ‘Overnight Financing’ on your account.

The fee is effectively interest on the amount borrowed and is based on the type and value of your position.


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How we calculate overnight financing

Our financing charge for long index positions, conducted in GBP, is SONIA +/-2%, a competitively low rate.

If you conducted the trade or bet in USD or EUR, then US SOFR or ESTR is used, respectively.

Rates are based on Alternative Reference Rates (ARRs) in the native currency of the asset or account for Spread Betting.

For long index positions held overnight we make an adjustment to your account.

This is at a rate of 2% plus the interbank rate for the currency of the trade. The formula for calculating the finance charge is:

Note: Days in the financial year is 365 for UK100 and UK equities, and 360 for all others.

Finance charges for Forex and spot metal trades held overnight are based on tom-next (tomorrow to next day) rates for the currencies concerned, or the currency the metal is traded in, as opposed to using an interbank rate.

Tom-next rates vary and different rates are used for long and short positions. For example the rate for shorts could be -1.11% while the rate for longs might be -0.11%.

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We offer some of the tightest spreads in the industry. These include:

EURUSD spread of just 0.8 − fixed 24-hours a day, unlike some of our competitors

UK100 spread only 0.8 − during UK market hours, rising to 1.8 from 4.30pm–9pm. Some of our competitors charge up to 6 points during these times.

US30 spread is also only 0.8 − during US market hours, rising to 2.8pts out of hours. It’s one of the tightest spreads you’ll find to trade the US30 (Dow Jones Industrial Average). US30 spread is also only 0.8 − during US market hours, rising to 2.8pts out of hours. It’s one of the tightest spreads you’ll find to trade the US30 (Dow Jones Industrial Average).

Our tightest spreads are available up to a maximum of £50 a point after which they increase on a sliding scale. Visit our market range of markets pages for more information.


No minimum commission charges

Some companies have a minimum commission charge. This means that when you open a low value position, you may pay a disproportionate amount in charges.

At Spread Co we don’t have a minimum commission charge. We do have minimum trade sizes, but our commission levels never change. This helps us to offer tight, fixed spreads on every trade.

Who is SpreadCo?

Spread Co is one of the UK’s leading spread betting, contracts for difference (CFD) and forex providers. For over a decade, we’ve helped our customers to access thousands of global markets – equities, indices, currencies, and commodities.

When you trade with Spread Co, you can be sure you’re dealing with one of the most competitive companies in the market.

Our tight, fixed spreads, low commissions and low charges help keep the costs of trading down, and help you maximise your gains.

It’s all backed with great technology, and great service. Our feature-rich trading platforms let you trade on your mobile, tablet or desktop whether you’re at home, in the office or on the move.

When you need help, just call your dedicated Relationship Manager. We’re always happy to help.

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